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From simple ramblers to multimillion dollar luxury homes to commercial buildings and shops, CAD has a wide range of custom construction building experience.

What is custom construction? Have your own land and want to build a home on it? Custom construction is the route for you. Custom construction utilizes a construction loan format or self-financing in lieu of a traditional home loan. You supply the land, select a plan from our options or work with us to draft a totally unique plan, make your selections choices, then sit back while we build your home.

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Can a custom home be budget friendly?

Yes, selecting one of our readily available plans and keeping finishes simple can help you have a custom home on your property at a competitive price.

Why build a custom home with CAD?
Building a custom home with CAD means access to some of the best subcontractors and artisans in the Columbia basin. Having CAD as the general on your project takes the guess work out of the construction process and gets you into your new home more efficiently. Custom construction also opens the door for you to build on your dream property or outside of the constraints of a neighborhood development.

Custom doesn’t have to mean complicated and expensive, but if you are looking to build a one-of-a-kind dream home, we can do that too, the sky is the limit.


Where does CAD build custom homes?
CAD is currently building custom construction projects in Moses Lake, Othello, Royal City, and Quincy. All build locations within the Columbia basin area will be considered.

What is the first step to building a custom home?
Visit with a lender to get pre-approval for a custom home loan. If you need help finding a lender, please reach out via the website contact. Don’t need a loan? Familiarize yourself with your budget goals before reaching out to schedule a meeting. Ready to discuss build options? Send us a message to schedule a meeting.

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